1. Jukun according to Palmer in 1936 were said to be Ahel Dirk who met Ahel Gara now Igala, when they migrated to Borno area from Nile Valley. Taranga (Attah Igala territory) was the capital of kwararafa before Wukari (Aku Uka Territory). Wukari was the last capital of Kwarafara and that was after the capital had been shifted to about 5 towns after Tangara/Atagara (Igala town).

Note: Any king whose town was the capital had the turn to rule Kwarafara then. Igala king ruled before Wukari Wukari King.


  1. Queen Amina was the descendants of Bayajida who came and met Wangara/Agalawa from nile valley/Sudan (Google their origin yourself) in Katsina, married their daughter, had children who are now ancestors of Hausa people of Nigeria.


  1. Sultan of Sokoto is of Fulani who came Nigeria to Nigeria around 18/19th century.

  1. Oba of Benin is of Ogiso Idu Ere, and Idu is related with Ife/Uhe Igala community as he was said to have migrated from there (Igodo) to found Igodomigodo (Igodo oma Igodo) in Edo according to one version of the History. Or that he migrated from Igodomigodo to Ife/Uhe in Omala where he later died (according to another version). Before Igala came to Ife/Uhe, they had settled and been ruled by Attah Igala in Attagara Community in Borno state and Kwarafara, Taraba state.


  1. Ekalagan later called Oduduwa was a Benin prince (according to Igala and Benin histories of Oduduwa) who crossed the river Niger to Idah Igala kingdom, and Attah Igala gave him Odu duwa meaning Lord/God brought him since Igala people could not understand his language and the circumstances that led to his exile from Benin. He later married Igala woman, had children and later moved to Ile Ife as the first ruler in Ile Ife in the present day Osun state (Please confirm the version from Benin or Igala elders).


  1. “Eri Igala man from Idah (Attah Igala existed before we came to idah) who settled in Eri-Aka near Omabala/Omabolo river with his warriors according to MCM Idigo 1854, and confirmed by the names of his (Eri) children such as Agulu, Onoja, Onogu, Iguedo. Nmeri which are all Igala names till date. Since Attah Igala existed before we came to Idah and Eri was from Idah before he established his territory in Anambra state, it means Attah was older than his throne.

  1. Alaafin of Oyo is of Oranyan who was the first Oyo king, and ruled around 14th century. He married a Nupe woman from Bida, but the Nupe people were from Kwarafara with Abutu Ejeh to Idah then to Bida. Many Attah Igala had ruled before Abutu Ejeh came to Idah. This implies that many Attah had ruled before Oranyan was born.
    From the above summary, it can be confirmed that Attah Igala throne had been in existence before other thrones, hence Attah Igala is the oldest monarch in Nigeria.

Note: History is the record of past events, and must be provable. It is not to favour one side and disfavour one side.
Please prove anyone wrong in a short form but with clear evidences. God bless us all.



Photo credit: HRM Agabaiiiidu Mathew Opaluwa Oguche Akpa, the 83rd Attah Igala.

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Teacher, Researcher and Scientific Historian.

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