Why Chardian Military is winning Boko Haram.

Why Chardian Military is winning Boko Haram.

Chardian Military on March 29th 2020 launched an offensive attack tagged operation “Boma Anger” against the Boko Haram terrorist group ravaging the country, Nigeria and Cameroon.


The Chardian Military launched the offensive against Boko Haram in retaliation of the their military men killed by Boko haram in an ambush in March.


The Chardian Military have so far killed more than 100 Boko haram terrorist and they have recovered differently types of weapons from the deadly sect.

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Most west African residents have applauded the bravery of the Chardian government and their military for achieving what Nigerian soldiers couldn’t achieve since the inception of the current administration (2015-date).


Here are three reasons why Chad is winning the war against Boko Haram.

1. They have a President who leads by example.
The Chad president Idris Deby took it upon himself to lead his military men to war against Boko Haram terrorist and this has no doubt boosted the morale of his troops in performing wonders thus far.


2. They Chadian troop don’t show mercy to the terrorists
The Chardian Military shows no mercy to the terrorists and this is giving the military men the needful instructions that a terrorist is meant to be killed unlike Nigeria where the government is rehabilitating the terrorists and allowing them back to the community.

3. They are believed to be destroying Boko haram with the help of Israel.
The diplomatic visit of Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in January 2020 is believed to be a discussion between the two countries on how to destroy Boko haram and any form of terrorism in the country.


Recall that Israel requested to help Nigeria fight terrorism in the country but the offer was rejected by the Nigerian government.


“We Taught Them A Lesson They Will never Forget” — Chadian President Speaks After Bursting Boko Haram Warehouse.

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