Why Charles Chukwuma Soludo should call the criminals by their names

The governor of Anambra state continues to struggle to please his British & Fulani masters. He has come out profile criminals as “they are all Igbos” yet the one Nigerianists are enjoying & airing his dead on arrival narrative. Charles Chukwuma Soludo should call the criminals by their names.


One of the criminal is Charles Chukwuma Soludo second in command of AVG Anambra vigilante group. Charles Chukwuma Soludo is shielding them. On 22n July 2022, (the police arrested) @CCSoludo criminals by mistake of-course. He is yet to make comment on that.


The entire leaders of the South East kept mute as Charles Chukwuma Soludo continue his campaign of calumny against the Igbos just to please his caliphate masters. The continues image denting of the Igbos by @CCSoludo will no longer be tolerated by Biafrans. We will engage Charles Chukwuma Soludo & shake him

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@CCSoludo should tell the world, what led to the formation of ESN, Amotekun, Gov. Samuel Ortom security outfit and many more across Nigeria. While other Governors were busy setting up security against the invasion of Fülanis, these cr!minal governors were busy setting up security To fight Igbos who out of necessity, picked up arms to defend their land.


@CCSoludo asked who feed them in the forest? Tell this corrupt cr!minal that the Biafrans all over the world feed them by contribution. Their feeding alone is 50k dollars+per month, YES! & it will increase.


Eastern Security Network have no reason whatsoever to go into criminality. In all the bandwagon of @CCSoludo there is no evidence anywhere, the only evidence @CCSoludo has is that they are in the forest with guns. @CCSoludo has now exonerated the Fülåni k!llers from crimes.

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It was the main job @CCSoludo came to do, the image maker of Fulanis & Image destroyer of Igbos. You will all have us this rugged generation to deal with, we will skin you people in due time. The freedom we want, you can’t stop it, if you like, brand us with all names.


The end will justify, you will all be alive to regret the names you call your people. Politics will come & go, but next year. We will end Nigeria & then face you ev!l leaders.

Why Charles Chukwuma Soludo should call the criminals by their names

If you think this absolute power you have to kill your people will last more than 2023, think again. All of you will run to exile, for those of you who will make it.

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~ Simon Ekpa (Biafra Spokesperson)

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