Woman Sues Ex-husband For Planning To Remarry

Sex-Starved Pastor Sues Wife

A man, Thomas Chitika, 34 was dragged to the Lusaka Boma Court, Zambia by his ex-wife after she heard that barely 60 days after their divorce, Thomas has already found another woman whom he is about to marry.


According to Zambia Observer, Thomas was also alleged to be denying his ex-wife access to their son.


However, Thomas told the court that the rift between him and his wife was as a result of the vulgar language of his ex-wife whom he said referred to him as impotent.

He added that the ex-wife also followed him everywhere with flimsy demands.


The court giving judgment, pacified both parties, and urged them to handle matters relating to their children in a mature manner instead of seeking to send each other to jail.

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