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There's something coming for us all; it is inevitable. Whether we run away or decide to go into hiding, it still meets up with us. Many people avoid talking about it, most people wouldn't want to hear about it but only a few people would face the reality. This phenomenon, as English language puts it, is called death.

Death is something we cannot run away from. It is something that eventually transfers our lives to another realm. It is not the termination of your life but a transition to another phase of life. But as a living person, are you alive? Or are you existing? Everyone dies, that's certain. But it's not certain that everyone would live.

A study reveals that most people regret on their death bed. Don't be most people, don't live a life of regret. If what you're doing won't matter in the long run, stop it.

Life is not about pleasure or achievement alone, it's about living for something, a purpose.

If death shows its face now, most people would start confessing their sins; they'd regret.
Don't be like most people. Live your life like each day is the last.

Be a giver. Selfish people are selfish because they never truly know what it means to own their lives, and they'd regret selfishness in the end.

Love. Live a life filled with love. Stop speaking guile. If it's not empowering people, never say it.

Contribute to others' lives. Whether it's by making their lives brighter or by helping them get to their destination faster, do it.

Do the right thing. In the end, you'd be glad you did the right thing.

Improve your life. Admit your ignorance and open your gate of change.

Love everyday. Love is the fulfillment of the law and it covers a multitude of sins.

Contribute positively to the lives of others.

Be a reason why people believe in God.
Be a reason why people believe in love, in hope, and in peace.

And when the time to die comes, you'll be happy because you truly lived.

Your obituary will carry the scriptures that says “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of the Saints.” Psalms 116:15. And as my friend, Omoitunu Akinboro puts it, “Live. Believe. Achieve!”

Remember friend, you will die, but please, live first!

In the motto of the Boys Scouts, “Be Prepared.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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