8 ways to control Blood Pressure (BP) before seeing a Doctor

How do I control blood pressure?


If you are suffering from high BP or Blood Pressure then I am going to help you learn about the things that you can adopt to control high blood pressure without medication. So let us learn about these things:

  • Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline: I know we think being chubby means you are looking good or chopping life but are you healthy. Meanwhile, you don’t have to look obesed or have big tummy before you start thinking of reducing your weight. Learn to practice with BMI (Body Mass Index).




  • Reduce sodium in your diet.


  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and quit smoking.


  • Cut back on caffeine.


  • Reduce your stress: That thing you are thinking too much about may kill you, how about you cnange topic?


  • Monitor your blood pressure at home and see your doctor regularly.
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