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Benefit of consuming Lauki (bottle gourd) Vegetables

Benefit of consuming Lauki (bottle gourd) Vegetables

Lauki (bottle gourd) Vegetables – – Ever thought Lauki could help you lose weight? Well, consistent research has shown that it sure can help you burn those extra fat fast.  Not only light and easy to digest, but lauki works wonder for quick fat loss. But, wait. Ever tried lauki juice? Lauki is one of the common vegetables found in Indian kitchens and the number of  benefits this vegetable offers makes it a must-have in our regular diet. In fact, not just the vegetable but its juice too is considered great for shedding those extra fat.


It wouldn’t be wrong to call the bottle gourd  juice a powerful health potion. Bottle gourd or lauki is abundant in fibre and water. Other than weight loss, it is a go-to for the treatment of acidity, indigestion, ulcers, and constipation.


Lauki (bottle gourd) is full of water (about 92%) and minerals and keeps your body hydrated.

Benefit of consuming Lauki (bottle gourd) Vegetables

How much calorie does Lauki contain?

When it comes to the calorie content of lauki, 100 grams of the vegetable contain about 15 calories, and a mere 1 gram of fat. It is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol. The vegetable is all water and nutrients, and hence helps you to stay full for longer period of times.



Meanwhile according to a report published in the Asian Pacific Journal of the Tropical Medicine in September 2012, a study conducted on animals found that lauki helped in minimizing the weight gain in rats which were otherwise fed a high-fat diet. However, no such research has been conducted on human beings yet.

Benefit of consuming Lauki (bottle gourd) Vegetables
Benefit of consuming Lauki (bottle gourd) Vegetables

Lauki is one of the most common vegetables cooked in the Indian kitchens.

How Lauki Juice helps in losing belly fat?

Lauki also promotes a healthy heart by bringing down the bad cholesterol levels.


Bottle gourd is extremely low in saturated fats and cholesterol and is rich in water and nutrients required to lose fat from the body. The vegetable contains essential nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, Folate, Magnesium, and Potassium.


Lauki is high in water and fibre content, which makes it low in calories and density per gram and also helps in keeping you full for longer. This makes it an ideal addition to your weight loss plan as meals which are lower in energy density may be helpful in losing weight and maintaining it, says a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in May 2012.

Consuming it on an empty stomach at least 4 days in a week will help you lose that belly fat fast. But keep in mind that lauki juice alone won’t do the job of making you shed those extra pounds. It’s equally important to follow a good weight loss regime as a whole- from adopting the healthy diet to physical exercises.


[Quick fact: Did you know bottle gourd helps you sleep better? Well, this is good as a good night’s sleep is essential to shed those extra pounds as it improves your metabolism and activates your hormones.]



For best results you should have the juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

When to consume?

For best results you should have the juice in the morning on an empty stomach. Also, one should consume the juice immediately as it oxidises quite fast. Please keep in mind that you should not strain the juice with a sieve as you will then lose out on the fiber, which is the key to shed extra kilos. You can add lemon and mint to it just to enhance its taste.

Besides, drinking excess lauki juice can lead to adverse health issues like nausea, ulcers, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and more. Hence, to limit the risk, it is advisable to drink the juice that has been cooked properly and not consume the one that tastes bitter. Please note that the bitter taste of lauki juice is due to the cucurbitacin compounds in it, which is toxic for people.


How much to consume?

One should not drink more than three ounces (roughly 88 ml) of lauki juice in a day, says a study published in the International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology, Neurological diseases in 2012.


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