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Chinedu Obigwe, the Clown hired to attack Senator Andy Uba

Chinedu Obigwe, the Clown hired to attack Senator Andy Uba



I just finished reading a hilarious comedy scripted by one Evangelist Chinedu Obigwe, who summersaulted easily and shamelessly from the mountain of his own lies, all in the disgraceful attempt to earn his hiring fee. The subject matter of his inelegant and unintelligent falsehood was Senator Andy Uba, a major aspirant for the November 6 Anambra governorship election, on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.


Even with primary elections which will decide APC’s flag bearer in the election yet to hold, the usual fear of Andy Uba seems to have soared again. However, this time, with the said Chinedu Obigwe, the fear is not sparking wisdom but unmitigated foolishness.

Chinedu Obigwe, the Clown hired to attack Senator Andy Uba
Chinedu Obigwe, the Clown hired to attack Senator Andy Uba

It is understandable that serious elections are often fought as battles but the truth is that such battles are only won with the best of the soldiers and the best of tactics. As the great boxer, Muhammad Ali once said, ” to beat a champ, you’ve got to whip a champ.” This simply means that you do not beat a champ by standing by the ringside, pouring invectives on the champ and denying his many previous knockouts. Even daydreamers do not impugn their own integrities so shamefully. This is the pastime of only caricature fighters, who are also doomsday losers like Obigwe’s paymasters.



Sen. Andy Uba should be likened to a decorated champ and to whip him on November 6 if he wins the APC ticket, the sponsors of the “project pull Andy Uba down”, should have at least hired sensible and experienced writers who would not launch out their Ill fated project based only on beer parlour stories.


The use of pedestrian turncoats like Chinedu Obigwe against a champ like Andy Uba will always be what it is; a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and yet signifying nothing.


Obigwe’s first comic bus stop was his attempt to rewrite the well known record of Andy Uba’s governorship campaigns in 2007. If he had asked questions, even sincere members of his own party would have told him that Andy Uba’s electrifying campaigns in 2007 set a record yet to be equalled in the annals of governorship campaigns in the state.


Sen. Andy Uba toured the 326 wards in the state including all the wards in Obigwe’s Ogbaru LGA. Not even the water locked riverine community of Nzam could discourage the Senator’s determination to reach voters in this very difficult terrain. Common sense should have warned Obigwe before embarking on his journey of falsehood, that many people who witnessed first-hand Andy Uba’s overwhelming campaigns are still alive and they are testifying till date, that Andy Uba came to them, paddled in a canoe.



At this point I want to ask the same readers Obigwe alluded to, if the record of Andy Uba’s campaigns in 2007 which is verifiable sounds like the record of a man who planned to rig the election? No, it does not. Rather it is the record of a man who believed in hard work, put in sleepless days and nights of hard work and reaped the bountiful rewards of hard work.


I sympathize with Obigwe. I don’t know for how much fee he was willing to fall head long into this public disgrace. He didn’t need to become this mendacious. His elementary rendition of this hackneyed falsehood can no longer sell in the state.


Time has come and gone when fathers ate sour grapes in the state and children’s teeth were set on edge. Today ndi Anambra agree that the soul that sins shall die. Obigwe and his sponsors cannot hold Andy Uba responsible for sins they believed and confessed that other people committed. They do not need classic education but just common sense to understand that in criminal offences as the one he mentioned, no one is ever held vicariously liable for an offence committed by someone else. But not much is really expected from an ignorant hired jobber.

As pointed out earlier, Team pull Andy Uba down will continue to make fools of themselves if they continue to hire nonentities and empty headed clowns like Chinedu Obigwe, whose reasoning capacity has been greatly impaired by obvious psychiatric cobwebs.


If otherwise, how can a sane man associate Andy Uba’s name with the Anambra mayhem of 2004 in the absence of any indictment whatsoever. Obigwe’s readers should understand that the lie he is selling to them is foolish, impetuous and childish. This is because Dr. Chris Ngige was Executive Governor of the state at that time and the very erudite and astute technocrat knew exactly what should be done if Andy Uba was complicit. It may be difficult to explain to nitwits like Obigwe, that no matter how highly Andy Uba was at that time, he was not higher than Colonels Akilu and Togun of the Dele Giwa saga. Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi’s option of private prosecution was also an option at the time.



The then Attorney general of the state, Chief Udechukwu Nnoruka, SAN, a very sound lawyer Silk, was appointed by the governor and he was answerable to him always. If there was complicity in the mayhem, all he needed to do was to issue a fiat to a Human Rights lawyer of their choice, who would privately oversee prosecution, assuming Andy Uba was too high up in Obigwe’s foolish and dimwitted assumption for the State government to prosecute. Technocrats, Senior Advocates and smart people did not do this because aside being a beer parlour fable, there was no iota of truth in it in the story Obigwe is peddling. It is the rambling of a man lost in mid sea and sees no hope of redemption.


This lie has since been overtaken by truth and it is still been employed as a political weapon only by brainless, spineless and desperate thugs, struggling to earn a living from the gutter. This is what and who Chinedu Obigwe is. His level of timidity and ignorance in 21st century Nigeria is equally shocking and alarming.


How come he has not heard of Sen. Andy Uba’s impeccable record of representation in the Senate? Even there in the Senate, Andy Uba and many other Senators were celebrated champions. For instance, the records of the 7th and 8th Senate are open books for people of sane minds to go and verify and discover that Andy Uba is recorded as one of the Senators with the highest number of bills. If not for sheer stupid and worrisome ignorance, how can a moron called Chinedu Obigwe call a Senator with one of the highest number of bills in the Senate a failure? He is rather the monumental failure, having failed woefully to ride on the crest of unacceptable falsehood.


This is why I sympathize with him and sympathize more with the misguided people who wagered their money on him. He has not been worthy of his hire. Miscreants like him do not perturb the Senator, whose message I will very humbly relay to the same readers Obigwe and his sponsors set out to deceive. Senator Andy Uba has made it abundantly clear why he is running for governor. He said, “My desire to see Anambra rise to the Pinnacle and lead the economic prosperity of Nigeria is the reason why I have kept volunteering to lead.” This passion is what is driving the Senator and it cannot be dampened by the over repeated lies of retrogressive yes men.



I will advise Chinedu Obigwe and his masters to focus on how to match Andy Uba’s on November 6 if he wins the APC ticket. He insists that as usual, he will not engage in name calling and will not sulk. He promised to do again what he knows how best to do —- discuss developmental issues concerning the state with voters in the 326 wards in the state, as he did in 2007.


Uchem Obi.

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