Our attention has been drawn to the recent press release by the Delta State All Progressives Congress, APC titled: “Release Peter Obi Presidential victory in Delta and our National Assembly massive win, Delta APC tells Okowa and Sheriff”, Signed by Valentine Onojeghuo Esq, State Publicity Secretary, Delta State APC and we are simply shocked by the shameless, brazen, deceitful tone of a political party which is supposed to be a major force in the political space.


We had always told Deltans that APC suffers from a chronic and incurable inferiority complex and this press statement, which is a brazen display of grandstanding and dancing naked in front of the gallery, has completely confirmed and justified our opinion of the character of the opposition Party, without any further doubts.


Let us put it on record that almost all the results which the APC is bellyaching about have been announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, even as at the time of this Press Release, and contrary to their allegations, the results revealed mixed fortunes for our party.


Again, INEC has equally assured that the original data and information of the elections at all polling units, already recorded by the BVAS machine cannot be altered or tampered with, so any misinformation that results can be altered on the original BVAS used for the election is just a pipe dream and figment of the imagination of those pedaling that fake news.


We are however quite stunned by the glaring fact that the APC has no shame, regrets, remorse or even a modicum of guilt that its presidential candidate was thoroughly trounced, humiliated, and totally rejected by the people across all the Senatorial zones of Delta State, inspite of all the noise and harassment they had brought upon Deltans during their campaigns.


Rather than hide its head in shame or better still, keep their mouths shut as they lick the very painful wounds of their inevitable and well-deserved electoral defeat, the APC has quickly jumped into the political space like a proverbial POW party without substance or character, to hide behind its nemesis and seek for a victory it did not earn, while pretending to celebrate its superior conqueror.


This shameless, deceitful, dubious, dishonourable, despicable act of well-established cowardice and timidity, is not only a clear indication of how the leaders of the APC in Delta State betrayed its Presidential candidate and pushed him without any qualms at all, under the bus in the Presidential elections, it is also obviously aimed at deceiving Deltans to see the party as noble and sportsmanlike in defeat, which is the very opposite of its hidden agenda and intentions.

However, as the saying goes, a traitor is a traitor, a betrayer will always be a betrayer, a leopard will never change its spots and no matter how hard you scrub it, the nose of a dog will always be black. That is the APC in Delta State for you.


The mantra of the PDP is and will always be ”Power to the People” because from the onset we have always believed that power belongs to the people and the Voice of the people is the Voice of God. We will always accept and embrace the winners when power is genuinely handed over to them by the People. We have done it at the national level since 2015 and we will do it again and again.

But as every true sportsman knows, it is never really over, until it is finally over and while we monitor proceedings keenly, we will also be exploring all existing and emerging possibilities in the unfolding post-Presidential/National Assembly election scenarios, not only to be fully prepared and well positioned to accommodate any eventualities, but to equally establish that we are always ready and willing to be active partners in progress with one and all, in our collective quest and objective as Deltans, to ensure that only what the people want and desire, will be delivered to them, when the dust finally settles.


Deltans are further urged to come out on March 11, 2023 and vote the UMBRELLA and PDP all-the-way for the Sheriff Oborevwori/Monday Onyeme joint Governorship ticket and all the PDP House of Assembly Candidates.


Dr. Ifeanyi M. Osuoza.
Deputy Director, Media & Publicity,
Delta PDP Campaign Council/ State Publicity Secretary,
Delta State PDP.

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