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GOT ; Times Cersei Lannister proved she was hero and Villain

GOT ; Times Cersei Lannister proved she was hero and Villain

GOT ; Times Cersei Lannister proved she was hero and Villain


What makes her even more dangerous is that she felt entitled to power and thought she was clever and sneaky enough to wield it properly when she wasn’t, and hundreds of thousands of people suffered for her hubris.

7. Not helping the long night

GOT ; Times Cersei Lannister proved she was hero and Villain





Again, as with most instances, Cersei wound up making the right choice for the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t erase the fact that it’s the right choice.

Her logic when speaking to Jaime about how if the Northmen and Danaery’s army and dragon can’t stop them then their armies can’t either was actually pretty sound, and in terms of leading the people under her charge, she kept thousands of them alive by refusing to send them North.

6.  Destroying her children

Jamie and Myrcella Lannister

Ironically, although the only things that Cersei seemed to care about in the world were power and her family, she is almost entirely responsible for the deaths of her children that she was so desperately trying to prevent.

Her cruelty and maliciousness indirectly led to the deaths of Joffrey, Tommen, Myrcella, and the child that she was pregnant with when she died. And had she been an even halfway decent person, all of this likely could have been avoided.

5. She tries to save Ned

Ser Illyn Payne beheads Ned Stark

Cersei did intend to ensure that Ned Stark had no power left in the world and she did everything she could to undermine him, but it’s easy to forget that up until the moment he actually died, she was trying to avoid his death.

GOT ; Times Cersei Lannister proved she was hero and Villain
GOT ; Times Cersei Lannister proved she was hero and Villain

She was under the impression that Ned would be sent away to the Night’s Watch where he could do no harm to her or her children, and when Joffrey announced that he was to be executed, Cersei still tried to step in and stop it.

4. Destroying sept of Baelor

It may have been one of the most badass moments in Game of Thrones history, but it was also completely horrifying. Cersei needed to get rid of her enemies, and unfortunately by this point, everyone as her enemy

So instead of trying to solve things politically or slaughtered everyone and likely killed many innocent people in the Sept of Baelor as well as in the surrounding areas of King’s Landing.

3. She tried to save her children

Ned Confronting Cersei Lannister

In typical Cersei fashion, she never did it in the right way, but the truth is that she always did everything she could to protect her own children.

Because she and the Lannisters are seen as villainous, many of her actions are seen as villainous as well, even if they’re coming from a place of true love and caring. Just like the Starks, she was willing to do almost anything to protect her family and her kids especially.

2. Empowering the faith militant

Queen Margaery and the High Sparrow in Game of Thrones

Cersei can be a pretty clever tactician, but she’s generally much worse at long-term strategy. The Faith Militant wound up being one of the biggest threats against Cersei and the realm, but she was the one who gave them all that power in the first place.

It was foolish for her to believe that a power-hungry sect would just eliminate all of Cersei’s enemies for her and leave her with the most power in the realm.

1. She fought against Daenerys

game of thrones the dragon and the wolf cersei golden company

Although she clearly wasn’t doing it for the right reasons, ironically the most benevolent thing that Cersei Lannister ever did was trying to Fight against Daenerys Targaryen.

Daenerys had conquered the entirety of Slaver’s Bay, and little did anyone know, while the Iron Throne was her ultimate goal, she was never going to stop, and she was likely going to brutally slaughter anyone who got in her way when it came to recreating the world the way she wanted to.


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