“In the time of fear” by Okoroji Chidiebere A

A Tailored Love by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

In the time of attention,
All I ask is a little affection,
All I got is a deep feeling of deception,
Most said I was lucky, many as died of hypertension,
From friends they trusted, and can never question.
It was a deep reflection of my imagination.


This drove me crazy,
I got scared of a life,
I once cherish and value,
From fear to pain,
Now to emptiness I’m subjected to.
Because I cared, and loved deeply than I imagine.
But I was played cruelly,
With hands I fed while hoping for grains as a reward for the things I did.

I wasn’t wise,
I could’ve saved the penny,
I had but I didn’t,
As I look foolish,
As my penny-wise.

El-Blends elblends


In the time of fear,
I stop counting using numbers,
And start asking questions so as to know when my time is up, so I won’t fumble.
In time like this, all hopes I surrender,
All the love I gave and the pain I got,
I remember,
All the places I have been and the anxieties of life,
I just wonder.

In this race,
Humans are still an experiment,
The world never moves without us moving,
The world never loved,
Without us loving,
We hate it,
And depised this world,
We love and cherish but never trusted.
Is a mind game,
And we are gaming on ourselves.


In this time of fear,
We don’t just fear because we feel we will die,
We fear because; we are born so.
Death is irreversible, and inevitable,
But death is a common calling to every man and woman.
And fear is the only means to set obstruction and mitigate such perception.
We live in time where fear is traded to all the good things of life.

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