My Time is Lost by Okoroji Chidiebere A.

My Time is Lost,
All the days I sat at home,
Those times are gone,
With little or nothing to heal my pain,
I sat alone,
In a world where pain is cheap.


My Time is Lost,
Not love,
Not gain,
Just me and myself alone,
As I strive for bread,
Something, anything to eat,
So I can stay afloat,
Stay abreast,
And stay alive.

I think too much,
Maybe because the world is changing,
The culture is revolving,
Humans are thinking fast,
And I feel I’m nowhere to be found.
Maybe I’m always here,
In a loop tale,
On a flight hale,
On a cocky punk.
I really think too much.

El blends valentins Day


My Time is Lost,
I fell in love late,
I resonate,
I try thinking about it,
Then I ask myself why.
Why the flying colours,
The people dying,
The air poisoned,
My days hastened,
My mind craving,
And my spirit wondering.


My Time is Lost,
Times are changing,
My battery ain’t charging,
I’m here feeling engorging,
I have really messed up the things I value,
I have really done bad things,
So don’t judge me,
I’m human, with no time of me own.


If I ever find a piece broken,
In an isolated world,
I will try to fix it,
Fix us,
Fix the world,
Fix our friendships,
Fix our relationship,
Use the best parts,
The best memories,
Tryna doing something different and unique.

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If I ever try to get a little of the lost time,
I will call the love of my life,
Say hello to those that left me,
In a race where no humans is a Victor,
Riches doesn’t mean victory,
Death is the answer and the real Victor,
We are all victims of same race and same fate,
We are dangers to the world we’ve created.
With a system that’s poisonous.


If I ever find time,
I will heal from the pain,
I have caused you,
That pain also hurt me,
I wish I can do things different.
Bring back the hands of time,
Use it to do more work,
More thinking,
More ideas,
But the world doesn’t work that way,
As time lost is never gotten back…
So my time is really Lost.

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