Playful Moments are simple acts of Caring in Marriage

Marriage is a learning journey and every couple that desires to have a healthy marriage must be willing to take up the different skills needed to navigate the process. Playing together as a couple is a skill many take for granted in marriage especially in our society where life can often become too busy and tedious leaving little or no time for fun moments. They say that couples who play together stay together, and all work and no play can be detrimental to your individual and marital wellbeing. Below are a few ways you can start to enjoy playing together as a couple again.

Playful Moments are simple acts of Caring in Marriage

Teasing each other

Play can be enjoyed both indoor and outdoor as it has the capacity to include everybody’s preference and all it takes is a little bit of commitment too. Where there is a will, there will always be a way to open yourselves up to the opportunity of experiencing the power of play and its enormous benefits together. Playing together can be as simple as teasing your wife to make her laugh or reminding your husband of an embarrassing situation when you first met.

Walking together

Walking is known to relieve stress and improve moods which can eventually lead to a playful moment together. Take up a regular routine to walk together at your own convenience as this will create the opportunity for bonding and sharing your personal feelings and fears. Time spent in front of the screen after breakfast at the weekend or dinner during the week can be spent walking and connecting with your environment. You may think you know everything about your spouse especially if you have been together for a long time, you might be amazed to know that there are more things you need to learn. Your spouse may have some hidden playful behaviour which is only displayed when he/she is within a different atmosphere and mindset.

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Playing games together

The culture of family game time together has declined in most family settings today due to the influence of social media and the obsession for personal gadgets which are often played in seclusion. Playing games together is also a great way to engage in play, laugh and let your hair down and enjoy the moment. You can bring back the classic games such as Ludo, scrabble, and monopoly, which were once Sunday family time favourites, back in the days.

Playful Moments are simple acts of Caring in Marriage
Playing together does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, it is the time and commitment that matter, and you can start enjoying the experience. Playing a game together also gives everyone a chance to contribute their own feelings and emotions during the game which encourages listening, communication and validation.

Watching shows together

Whether it is at the big screen or your home cinema, watching your favourite shows or movies together can bring a lot of fun and laughter which can become a playful experience for both of you. Take turns to select the movies weekly and sit together on the sofa with popcorn and drinks to enjoy the moment while your spouse makes funny remarks about the characters. Also, a couple’s night at a comedy show is the perfect place to boost your sense of humour and enjoy shared laughter with other couples too.

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