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Re – 2023: Atiku And Soludo Campaign Posters Flood Abuja

Re - 2023 : Atiku And Soludo Campaign Posters Flood Abuja

Desperate politicians that want to stop Soludo at all cost are wasting their time because he is on a divine mission.

Soludo divine mission in Anambra State cannot be stopped.


We expect more politically motivated blackmail against Soludo from those that are seeing him as their nightmare.

The reality staring them and their sponsors in the face is that the coast is already clear for Soludo to emerge as APGA candidate on June 23rd and to also win the main election on November 6th.


The flooding of Abuja with Atiku and Soludo Campaign Posters is the handiwork of mischief maker’s.

They want to use the childish blackmail strategy to pit him against APGA faithfuls and by extension the Presidency.



One thing I like about Soludo is that he is not an indecisive person and again he knows what he wants.


It’s a well known fact to Nigerians that Soludo severed his ties with PDP in 2013 and joined APGA.

From that time to date, he has remained a committed member of APGA that is living up to the expectation of the party faithful.


Soludo did not tell anybody that he is interested to run for the office of Vice President with Atiku and he has no intention of leaving APGA.


He joined APGA in 2013 to stay and grow the party and not to be jumping up and down from one political party to the other.


The amorphous group that goes by the name of APGA ambassadors that reacted to the news of the flooding of Abuja with So ludo and Atiku 2023 Campaign Posters are the faceless idiots behind the childish blackmail.



The Soludo they are talking of is in Anambra doing serious consultation for the actualisation of his governorship ambition and they are busy wasting their time in a bid to stop him with childish blackmail.


The general public should disregard the antics of those that already know that So ludo is unstoppable but decided to be wasting their time.


It is Soludo solution for Governor or nothing.


Daalu nu.


Evang Chinedu Obigwe

National co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.*

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