Re – Hold Soludo Responsible if Anything happens to Peter Obi

For me, I will always maintain that Peter Obi and all the members of his kitchen cabinet are evil minded.

My reason for saying this is because the above referred piece that is being circulated on social media can only emanate from the camp of evil minded fellows.

The only thing they want to achieve is to create the wrong impression that evil plot is being hatched against Peter Obi.

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There is nothing like that but the truth is that those that authored the above blackmail piece will be consumed in their own evil plots.

It’s an insult to claim that Governor Soludo was contracted with 5million dollars by Tinubu to eliminate Peter Obi.

As a matter of fact Governor Soludo is too clean and decent to be associated with such childish blackmail.


What the evil minded idiots around Peter Obi that are obviously behind the above referred blackmail piece want to achieve is to poison the mind of people against Governor Soludo and to portray him in bad light.

They should have known that Nigerians know Governor Soludo antecedents and they know things that he can be associated with.

Keep being Anambra Governor aside, Governor Soludo is among the best brain Nigeria as a Country can boast of having.


When the World economy was in distress, he was among those chosen to proffer solution for it.

So for a very long time Governor Soludo have been a solution provider and not a problem creator.


In all honesty, the above referred story is childish and can best be described as a cooked up lie from the pit of hell.

Shame to the evil minded idiots around Peter Obi that cooked up such childish lie just to paint our beloved Governor Soludo black in the eyes of the general public.

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I have always referred to any attempt to blackmail Governor Soludo as a waste of time and that is what it is.

It’s tantamount to pouring water on a stone and bathing the stone.


Governor Soludo has a job at hand that he is doing for ndi Anambra and he is focused on delivering the dividends of good governance to ndi Anambra.

He cannot be distracted with childish blackmail.

The general public should ignore the childish blackmailers.


Daalu nu.


Evang Chinedu Obigwe

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