Reply to Reno Omokri: Why men should remain stingy in relationship.

Reply to Reno Omokri: Why men should remain stingy in relationship. – – Listen, being stingy has been for over the years associated to the male folks for reasons to hold them to ransom, for the things they can’t provide, not for themselves but, for the ladies they’re dating who can’t provide those things for themselves.

“No guy is stingy, is either he is broke, (no girl want to hear that) or he doesn’t want to spend on the lady in question”.


The’re countless of reasons why a guy won’t want to spend for a lady? But, for a fact; a lady feels she is in a relationship, also jobless, all her mind will be that the guy should be the one providing for her and possibly her family members. This is a wrong idealogy about relationship at first. You want to date a guy simply because you feel he is rich and he will be fueling your bills and that of your family…? This isn’t dating but exploiting. You want everything (expenses) in exchange for sex (which she will also enjoy in the process) –  that lady is nothing but a prostitute. One big reasons guys cheat is because they know such a lady is worthless and can’t do shit. (They will be the one to speak trash about ferminism).

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In a relationship, both parties are in it for similar reasons; the guy too can get broke tomorrow, but for gold-diggers, she doesn’t give a fuck. A lot of guys are on the street, so the next cute handsome rich guy will always be around to meet her specs or bills. This isn’t affection, this is simple exploitations. Most girls have more than one guy in order for their bills to be complete. This same girls think they are fooling the guys by this act, not knowing they are fooling themselves, as a result of not being contended; when they clocks thirty-five years of age, they will become desperate for marriage, and their body starts changing… This is them; trying to explain why life treated them unfair. How they were used, reused and dumped. This is them! Whereas, every guy want to marry a girl in her early or late twenties who they thinks is young, beautiful and attractive. This is facts…! That’s why a guy will ask you “how old you are…, and follow it up to be sure that’s your real age because some girls, after messing up their youthful period, they are now looking for whatever to hold on to for their recklessness.

Nobody is exceptional to this facts, but in Nigeria and Africa generally, a girl thinks it’s a guys job to take care of her; forgetting that this same guy have family: mother, father, brother(s) and sister(s) that probably depends on him. How will you even see yourself as a liability instead of an assets? And most of them flaunt ferminism as if they understand what it means.


If any girl want a relationship to be worth the take, or probably leads to marriage, you gat know that, you also need to have a standard; build it out of respect, and know what you really want in that relationship so that if it finally leads to marriage, you won’t be a thing to be mocked about especially for girls that brought nothing in the relationship. But when you bring a lot in that relationship and it leads to marriage, the guy will know that yes, “he got married to a classic and not a classless and worthless lady”.

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For some guys, like me, I love to give a girl money, in fact because of experience, I stopped… Call it being stingy, it’s my money, come and steal it. If I want to give you money because we’re in a relationship, it will come from me, cos’ I want to, not that you’re forcing me to, or constantly reminding me to, as if I own it as an obligation simply because I’m in a relationship with you. I have defined how I want my relationship to look like, it’s not necessary that if you’re genuinely down and need help and I’m in that position, I won’t help? No, that’s wickedness! if I can help, I must help because we are in a relationship.

Not a girl constantly reminding me to give her money for nails, hair, buy her this, that—always debasing herself as if the money is easy, even the millionaire guys— they might not complain but honestly, they know that you’re nothing but a pain in the ass or an unclassified pest. Something like that, I won’t talk, but once you’re done; she can find herself another boyfriend. If I want to buy the girl I’m dating something or (anything), I will do that on my terms so I don’t feel guilty— because by she telling me to buy it for her, she has already made me feel guilty. So I won’t fall for her pathetic piously act. I won’t! Girls need to see relationship as two impossible strangers trying to find a place in each other’s hearts so they can forge as one. Let’s build relationships as Friends and not as fraudsters. Let it be mutual and not intimidating. And build it to last and not collapse… When she’s dumped, she starts crying after the girl in question has messed herself up in the presence of the guy. Ridiculing the very pride in her; her value, respect and substance.


Affection is not a Nigeria stuff, the guy probably want sex because he feels the girl wants money, and when he spends and he don’t get the sex, he feels cheated and start planning evil. This are my points, girls created this scenario and lures most guys to this very believes. “He’s not my type but end up collecting money from the (i am not your type) guy”.

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All of us need to tell ourselves the truth. If you love someone, love the person for who the person is and don’t put value on him. The moment you build your relationship with an idea of lies, money and all sorts of falsehood, you loss your pride. If you’re in it for whatever it takes, let it be spelt out (objectives and visions). Every guy want a working class lady because of this several bitter lessons they’ve faced in the hands of girls. But, that’s not what I am saying, if a girl shows willingness or readiness to work and she is jobless, at that point, be reasonable and help her even if in a week or month you send her money, its something— for those guys that don’t have much but if you do have why, you can spend on her provided she won’t be persistent for long and for whatever you do, make sure you want to do it from your heart, don’t be told by her to do it or be force to do it by her… It’s worthless, such girls trust me can never be satisfied.

Without you that same girl, if you dump or leave her, she will live, she won’t die. Don’t force anyone to do anything in the name of love is total stupidity.

Don’t see relationship as a means to an end. Don’t go about reducing your worth over a stranger. Don’t be gullible. Don’t use sex to tempt or threaten him or use it as exchange for money in a relationship. He can get it anywhere with sex worker. Define your relationship and work towards sustaining it.


Every guys, have their own troubles and this is basically for females who thinks being in a relationship makes them millionaires or billionaires. Think twice!!! Build your life and career and stop depending on guys to feed, cloth and shelter you through relationship. I might not say it well but I just feel I should also make a contribution.


Thank you!

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Why men should remain stingy in relationship.

Why men should remain stingy in relationship.

Why men should remain stingy in relationship.

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