Things to do that will give you optimal health this season

Things to do that will give you optimal health this season

A client of mine who has been battling some serious health decline reached me recently. You know as a food scientist what I do is create diet routine timetable and preparation procedures for people. Sometimes I do food healthy advocacy by advising people on what to eat and what not to eat. Due to the economy crisis the cost of drugs is now alarming. If you are someone who eat right and practice healthy lifestyle, it is in the period you will appreciate the effort you have been putting into work. A client was lamenting how a drug he was supposed to buy to sleep well now cost a fortune.

I will be discussing interesting things you can do to help your health strive better during this period.

1. Stay away from sugar and its subsidiaries.

Sugar and its subsidiaries are number one killer food from food industry. Sugar has nutritional benefits and they are empty source of calorie which end up posing the body to high blood pressure, high sugar level and other serious health decline. Sugar are also a common cause of inflammation. Most common modern day diseases starts with inflammation. If someone has been advising you to stay away from sugar and you have refused, this period might be the best time to cut that bad habit short. Soft drinks and soda do not have any nutritional benefits to your health. This might be the time to invest in smoothies and they don’t have to be expensive. A typical example of good nutrient filed smoothie will be banana and apple, carrot and cucumber, orange and cucumber, orange and apple. Etc You can sweeten using honey or dates.


2. Don’t eat too much.

A lot of people do not know that eating too much can actually cause serious health issues. When you have excess food and the body do not use them, they are then converted into fat, some of those fat are stored in the body as saturated fat most times. Having too much saturated fat in the body is very dangerous as they pose you to health danger. You might just notice small heart ache, and it starts from there. Give yourself six hours interval in-between your eating period. Sometimes you are not even hungry but you are just Indiscipline.


3. Try out excercises.

You really do not need to go to the gym, try out excercises at the comfort of your home. They don’t have to be too rigorous, they can be flexible and simple. Also you don’t need to start with high number, start with number that is easy and flexible for you. What is important is consistency. I’m suggesting excercises because your metabolism determines your health. If your metabolism is good, then it means you can easily pass out undigested food as waste. If your metabolism is bad, you end up having undigested food which piles up and can really affect your liver. The liver is a very important part of your body, your life and how long you will leave depends on it. So you need to excercise to improve your metabolism.


4. Reduce the intake of saturated fat food.

I know a lot of you like to eat meat, sharwma and all those Saturated fat based food, even species . Now would be the best time to reduce or put a stop to it. In fact you should be very strict enough to read food label to ensure that your food or spices are not too much of saturated fats products.


5. Try Plant tea.

The world is advancing and we are currently consuming more chemicals for the sake of civilization. Plant based tea like guava tea, bitter leaf, efinrin, mango leave tea, hibiscus tea, ginger tea, lemon tea and black tea (Lipton or Top tea without sugar) are very effective in helping to improve digestion and heart health. You should try any of this tea twice a week and you will see the difference it will make in your health.


6. Take a walk.
Try as much as possible to take a walk once in a while, it could be during weekends or in the evening after walk. Walking stimulates the stomach and small intestine thereby improving digestion and metabolism. It can also help reduce bloating, especially for those with irritable bowel syndrome.

Five to ten minutes walk twice a week is good but if you the chance to do more then you will have more effective results.


Temi Badmus, Content Creator, Food Scientist and Nutritionist.

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