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Sen. Bukola Saraki should be careful.

Politics centres on decision making. Political actors make decisions from time to time to cushion the effect of good governance on the populace. Since everybody will not be on the same page on some salient issues, there bound to be  infractions at some points. So it becomes natural that one might step on toes of the high and mighty within the political space.

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Unlike the Bible that admonished the Christian faithfuls to forgive and forget according to the standard of our heavenly Father; politics has a different view entirely. In politics, political sins are not forgiven and can not be forgiven. Political sins are well utilized to fight whosoever that committed it once the opportunity comes.
Our amiable Distinguished Sen. Bukola Saraki committed a serious political sin when he moved against his party’s decision and became the Senate President in 2015. In a bid to cut back their pound of flesh from Mr. Saraki, the APC government quickly used the Distinguished Senator to test the popularity of their anti corruption crusade. It was alleged that Mr. Bukola Saraki forged his assets declaration. He was dragged to the Code of Conduct Bureau Tribunal for offense bordering on falsification of his assets declaration.
The Senate President was subjected to public scrutiny and shame as the leading APC government often say that even the number three citizen has been docked to face the full wrath of the law. We used to hear some cynical remarks like, ‘Mr President is fighting corruption without minding the high and mighty in country as the Senate President has been docked’.
Mr. Saraki painstakingly went through his trials and came out victoriously. Now he has suddenly become the bride that must be woo back to the APC folds. God forbid bad thing.
Mr. Bukola Saraki must be firm in his decision to leave the APC for good. Failure to do so will amount suicidal. There is practically nothing left in the APC that Mr Bukola Saraki want to see. He has been a former governor and presently our Senate President. What else will the APC government give him. He can not become the President or Vice under the current dispensation. But this he can get from the PDP.
Mr. Bukola Saraki should know that they want him back to destroy him completely. If those that sinned against PMB in 1983 could not be forgiven, how much more will he forgive the likes of Mr. Bukola Saraki that is very much fresh on his mind. If you think l am lying ask Col. Sambo Dasuki. 
This is a bait they are throwing at you. Do not contemplate eating it. It will surely hook and suffocate your political life. PMB is pained that Mr Bukola Saraki won him at the Supreme Court.
HE. Bukola Saraki must learn some hard lessons from His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubarka, Waziri Adamawa the former Vice President. Mr. Atiku’s experience with OBJ in 2003 captures the mood of the moment. Political watchers have attributed what happened at the presidential Villa on Thursday night as the beginning of the end of Mr. Bukola Saraki’s political career. It should be recalled vividly well how OBJ came cap in hand begging Atiku to allow him go for a second term in 2003.
HE. Atiku melted before his then boss HE. OBJ and allowed him to go for his second term bid. Today, we all know the story on Atiku’s travails politically. After promising him that he (Atiku) will succeed him, OBJ went ahead to work against him in 2007 when he endorsed Gov. Musa Ya’Adua for the presidency.

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Their political squabbles continued in 2011 when OBJ endorsed GEJ against Atiku’s candidature. OBJ publicly vowed that Atiku will never be the President of Nigeria in his life time. Political sins are hard to let go. The event of 2015 general elections was like the previous ones where Atiku was never given a space to fulfill his age long desire to become the President of Nigeria. Mr OBJ made sure that Atiku’s ambition was dashed. He preferred to pitch tent with PMB against Atiku.

Will Mr. Bukola Saraki learn from the Atiku experience??? 

Yes, he should. May God forbid bad thing that he will not. HE. Bukola Saraki is a smart politician. He can not be reduced to a nobody at his prime time in politics. He has the pedigree and antecedent to lead this great nation.
Please HE. Bukola Saraki should note that political sins can not be pardoned. He should be careful.
Comrade Awa Uduma
Political Scientist and Public Policy Analyst.
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