Top 5 Problems of Nigeria by Temi Badmus

Top 5 Problems of Nigeria by Temi Badmus

A lot of things is actually going on in this country, the earlier we treat, fix or tackle them the better for us.


The most annoying part is how everything is going outside the lane, and nothing is been done about it. Few days ago I heard about how some policemen were harassing some numbered young ladies, asking them to put off their panties( who actually does that?  Only Nigerians do that.


I will be discussing about five people who are actually the major problem of this country, the earlier we fix them, the better for us.


You either find a way of fixing them or you get out of it,  I’m not saying you should get out of it; I’m giving you your options.

1. Buhari

Few years ago, we had an option between voting for the now elected president or the ex president (Good luck Ebele Jonathan) .

We all choose Buhari over Jonathan but I’m to yet to see anything worth those moment  Jega used in counting those votes that brought buhari into power.


My point is ….

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