Tribunal Perverse Towards Seyi Makinde?- Commentary

Tribunal Perverse Towards Seyi Makinde?- Commentary

Tribunal Perverse Towards Seyi Makinde?- Commentary


Following the Appeal Court ruling in the case of Adebayo Adelabu vs Seyi Makinde. Different interpretations may have been given to the judgement of the Appeal Court. Going through the judgement block by block, there is a take home for either Party. Depending on the Ruling Best Soothed to keep their bases Energized.


Obviously , there are Series of Rulings in the judgement of the Appeal Court. The two that strikes me the most are:


The Appeal Court having been Confronted with Evidences of Irregularities / Corrupt Practices / Over Voting. Damming Evidences which but / Suggest the Judgement of the lower Court was “Perverse” According to the four man Panel. But still went ahead to Sustain INEC’s Declaration! Seyi Makinde remains Governor.


Due to the ” Perverse ” Trial at the lower Court, the five man Panel of the Appeal Court would have ordered for a Re-trial at the Tribunal. But for Time! The four man Panel noted that in this situation, the 180 days Mandated for the Tribunal to operate had lapsed and there was Consequently no reason to touch the ruling of the lower Court.


In all of these, the Four man panel of the Appeal Court Must be Applauded for Redeeming the Image of the Judiciary. Their Judicial Perusal of Documents / Evidences Presented by the APC which Suggests Irregularities/ Corrupt Practices / Over Voting, May have been Swept under the “Carpet” or Over looked. Now! the whole world is aware that Such Narrative Exist.


Seemingly! Adebayo Adelabu would have given Engr Seyi Makinde a Technical Knock Out! TKO. Adelabu got him on the “Ropes”. Then! Ring! Ring!! Sound of the Bell  Signifying the end of the fight. Seyi Makinde Walks away still the Undisputed Champion.


Saved by the Bell.


Both Pugilists are back in the Trenches. Preparing for the Supreme Court Battle.


It’s an uphill battle for Adebayo Adelabu, I must Confess. Perhaps! a Glimmer of Hope.



Oluseye Smith.

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