Eneh Victor is another character defaulter like Arthur Eze

Eneh Victor is another character defaulter like Arthur Eze


Eneh Victor Chigozie, my pay as you go friend writer is now radio without battery and he is sounding like a broken record.


My pay as you go friend writer have been running his mouth flippantly on his AIF media Facebook page claiming that I insulted Arthur Eze.


When somebody drew my attention to his write ups , I laughed because I know his antics.

The truth is that I don’t respect anybody that lacks character.


Eneh Victor Chigozie is among those that lacks character.

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You cannot see him doing anything for patriotism sake rather whenever he writes, he must have been induced with 100,000 naira peanuts.

He also attacks people with his write ups for the purpose of being settled with 100,000 naira peanuts.

Eneh Victor Arthur Eze

I will never forget him telling me that he writes for business sake hence the reason why he is not a member of any political party.

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On the issue of his unsolicited defence of Arthur Eze on my write ups against him, he want to use that antics to upgrade.


He want Arthur Eze to see it or for some people to bring it to Arthur Eze attention so that for the first time in his life, he will earn more than 100,000 naira from his senseless and meaningless write ups.

I have never been a coward all my life and will never shy away from saying the truth without minding whose ox is gored.


If saying the truth about Arthur Eze is interpreted as an insult by Eneh Victor Chigozie that lacks character and other busy body writers, so be it.


As for me, I stand firmly by my opinion about the personality called Arthur Eze.


This same Eneh Victor Chigozie foolishly claimed that Osodieme is no longer supporting Soludo governorship ambition because of the death of Buhari Chief of Staff that is Soludo main backbone in his 2021 governorship project.


All that he said about Osodieme fallacious and should be thrown to the waste bin.


To start with, Osodieme’s attention is focused on doing the little things that matters on the platform of her CAFE pet project to ensure that Governor Obiano finishes well.


Acts of philanthropy is a way of life for Osodieme and she is not ready to leave any stone unturned in ensuring that she lives that philanthropy lifestyle to the fullest.


She has nothing against Soludo and also not against his rumoured governorship ambition.

I can also report that she respects Soludo as one of the uncompromising APGA chieftain that stood firmly by Akpokuedike from the inception of his administration to date giving him the needed support to succeed in office.


I used the language rumoured governorship ambition because to the best of my knowledge, Soludo has not declared publicly that he is contesting the forthcoming 2021 governorship election rather what everybody is seeing is an overwhelming clamour from different groups for him to consider throwing his hat to the ring and contest the election.


People are anxiously waiting to hear from him for him to answer the clarion call of duty.


I pity those being deceived by Eneh Victor Chigozie concocted tissue of lies that can only fly in his foolish imagination.

The way he is lying against the late Buhari Chief of Staff is tantamount to mocking the dead and attracting curse upon himself.


But that is his own cup of tea.


It’s in the interest of the general public to know that Eneh Victor Chigozie is an unreliable pay as go writer and believing his concocted tissue of lies that he publishes on his AIF media Facebook page is tantamount to entering one chance bus.


Daalu nu.


Evang Chinedu Obigwe

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