Senator Victor Umeh’s disastrous interview on Odenigbo 99.1fm

My reaction to Senator Victor Umeh’s disastrous interview on Odenigbo 99.1fm

  1. Senator Victor refused to admit that he lost a free and fair primaries in APGA before he ran to Labour Party, does that show someone who actually believes in democracy? Sen Umeh said he never told a lie before, but there is strong evidence that he does not have a very good relationship with the truth.

  2. Senator Victor Umeh claimed that he is fighting for Peter Obi, but what if he won the APGA Senate primaries, will he not be insulting Peter Obi as he was always doing for more than 10 years now. Also Senator Umeh insinuated that other candidates are fighting Peter Obi, can he provide any video evidence of that, and will he deny that there are numerous videos where him Victor Umeh was seen abusing Peter Obi, and now that there is a Court judgement that he will not be a candidate in the Senate election after his post-primary defection from APGA to LP, does Victor Umeh now believe there is something called KARMA?

  3. Senator Victor Umeh attacked Governor Soludo for removing his billboards , saying that the Governor is playing God, does he have any real evidence that Soludo is directly behind this and not the law taking it’s natural cause, or he just wants to pick a fight with the Governor?

  4. Senator Victor Umeh claimed that the road Projects being done by the current Senator Uche Ekwunife is a waste of time and not part of her duties, so does that mean that Senator Umeh will stop all the road construction that Senator Ekwunife attracted to Anambra Central, particularly the roads in my village Awka and the ones in Idemili where I work?

  5. Senator Victor Umeh mentioned former Governor Peter Obi’s name multiple times during the interview, but why didn’t Senator Umeh tell the public how he fought against Peter Obi when he was the Governor of Anambra State, to the extent that Peter Obi had to leave APGA because of the way he Victor Umeh was dragging his name to the mud, even to the extent of going to Peter Obi’s village in Agulu to insult him.

  6. If Senator Victor Umeh admits that he always fought against Peter Obi, then when will he tender a public apology to Agulu people, Anaocha LGA people, and all the members of the Obidient family who see him as a political liability and unnecessary distraction, and also feel insulted by the way a corrupt politician like Umeh is trying to use Peter Obi’s name to campaign for Senate, and always bringing unnecessary controversy to Mr Peter Obi’s name and good image.

  7. In 2015, Senator Victor Umeh removed Senator Uche Ekwunife from the Senate through a court case after she spent only 6 months in the Senate, but this time around the table has turned as the High Court sitting in Awka has declared that he Victor Umeh is not a candidate in this month’s election, does Senator Victor Umeh feel any remorse and will he tender a public apology to the good people of Anambra Central for what he did to the first female Senator from our District and will he also personally apologize to Senator Uche Ekwunife for his mischievous action that deprived Anambra Central of effective representation from December 2015 to 2019.

  8. Since Senator Victor Umeh dismissed the ongoing projects attracted by Senator Uche Ekwunife to Anambra Central, does that mean he will not do any project and if not, then what is his real reason of running for the Senate if he cannot touch the lives of the masses with projects like other Senators/Legislators are doing.

  9. Senator Victor Umeh once accused former Governor Peter Obi of betraying Ojukwu when Peter Obi left APGA to PDP, and then also before the APGA Senate primaries of 30th May 2022 that Senator Victor Umeh lost to Hon Dozie Nwankwo, Senator Umeh had described Dozie Nwankwo as his boy who lacks any accomplishment or competence to go to the Senate, he also promised to stay in APGA even if he lost the primaries, when will Senator Victor Umeh now apologize for lying with the name of our Biafra Hero Ezeigbo gburugburu Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, and when will he also apologize for his character assassination against Peter Obi and other innocent people.

  10. Senator Victor Umeh subtly claimed that he made Prof Soludo the Governor of Anambra State (despite disqualifying Soludo in 2013 on flimsy grounds when he was the National Chairman of APGA) but he is now fighting Soludo’s Government, some years ago he also claimed that he made Willie Obiano the Governor but he also fought Willie and called his wife Osodieme unprintable names, we all know how Victor Umeh almost destroyed Peter Obi’s Government too, so when will Senator Victor Umeh stop blackmailing our Governors and when will he account for the 20 million Naira that Governor Obiano was reportedly paying him every month, and can he swear that he is not fighting the present Anambra State Government because Soludo stopped that his free money.


Dr Obi Okonkwo writes from Awka Anambra State.

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