NOT IN MY KWARA: “Bukola Saraki’s political ship is sinking” – political brute, a troglodyte and selfish man.

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Dear Kwarans,

We should not jubilate yet, for no jubilation is due. What you term an exit of a tyrant is nothing but a sign that we are suffocating from political heat, nationally. And if in so doing, we loose the sight of what’s most important at the moment, our generation shall die and be buried in slavery.

I am not a killjoy truncating the excitement and jubilation but to me it seems these untrained minds have missed the entire point of where we are today, and are subject to quick education.

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But let me firstly address what I deem to be the most pressing matter at the moment, that is, something which you all want to hear about: What’s my position viz-a-viz  Bukola Saraki?

The answer should be clear as the day. I was no kid when the man came to government. I know the story and history, as a sage once remarked, is more than the path left by the past; it influences the presence and can shape the future. And thus I shall bring it forth to shape our future which we are now in today.

Bukola Saraki’s political ship is sinking. 

I’m so sorry to my Sarakite friends, but that is the reality. Writers in this state and across the country have sung of his matchless political acumen, they have praised him as the man beyond failure and have put him, at times, on a pedestal with the Almighty. But there remain some of us who were never confounded, not for a second. We always knew he shall come to an eventual downfall as water from the sky does for playing God.

The Bukola Saraki that I studied and know is a political brute, a troglodyte and selfish man who took the reign of power not by any spectacular prowess. He has no particular skill set. The only skill he’s got is his over-ambitious mind which can only be dignified with a space among the renegades. He’s an arrogant lad who uses  his self acclaimed money to create sleaze out of minds. No normal mind endorses him, they can only admire the effect of his trick. And so lucky for him, he grew at a time when the sun of renegades shone bright. Apart from inheriting parental goodwill, He rode on the horse of thuggery to rig elections, galloped in the field of a manipulative judiciary and was floated by the boat of masses ignorance and, of course, ignorant masses. But every sun must set.

Known for its peace and fairness, Ilorin which used to be a family living room became a play ground for cultists, feudal wars and a mere lawn of “we versus they,” a structure of a house divided against itself. He knew very well how the mind of masses works, so he picked a few and pseudo-enriched them that they may live to oppress the poor, while the poor may live to hate them. And should you wish to be among the un-poor too, he put a system in place to ensure the only way to leave that position is to join the “Sarakites.” Saraki turned our state from up down. You can call it “dis-membering the mind from the body.”

In any case, this played out very well for him. Every member of the state became destitute of something; between one that needs nothing but political connection and the one that needs the government money up till the time of selfie-takers among the youths.

But that is the Kwara of our fathers. The Kwara where social media didn’t exist, the Kwara where political knowledge was so scant and basic evaluation was grey. Away from the noises, our fathers sought joy in spirituality until they can no longer feed us. That hunger of those days which inherently taught hardworking is what produced the great minds we have today. And it is what produce the new Kwara we are about to birth.

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Not in my Kwara! My Kwara is the Kwara of youths who know what is what! My Kwara is a Kwara of the people who are tired of living in poverty and penury. My Kwara is a Kwara of people who are ready to control their own fate. But we must now pay attention and be mindful. The greed which eroded the likely success of the opposing team in Kwara is still there. And the seed of disunity and acrimony which Bukola Saraki so dexterousky sowed amongst us is still growing. But if we let common sense, good listening and selflessness leads us, no brute will ever rule my state again.

Kwarans, celebrate modestly. As I welcome our amiable and unwavering freedom fighters in the states back home to the right party, I call on them, Akogun (names, names, names), who are the true faces of Kwaran democracy not to forget they are holding a mere egg, it can only become hen if they hatch it carefully. Or it may fall down and break.

Some of us have never joined another party. I, particularly, have never done so. And I’ve always known it’s a matter of time before these people finally come home.

For their home coming, we give praise!!!

How did we come up with a dynasty at  a time of democracy? Of course, it is because we lived in the Kwara of our fathers until this moment.

Well, it has happened. But it won’t ever happen again. Not in my Kwara.

Akaje Ibrahim 

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