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I still wish I could sleep with her again one more time – Married Man

I still wish I could sleep with her again one more time - Married Man

A married man from Akure has taken to social media to share his past sexual experience, which he termed the most enjoyable sexual moment or his life and wish to have same experience again with the woman called Dora.

I still wish I could sleep with her again one more time - Married Man
I still wish I could sleep with her again one more time – Married Man

Read his narration below:


It is a beautiful Saturday and I am just reflecting on my life.


Well, I am a 33-Year-Old man based in Akure, Ondo State. This is not really a relationship issue, it is more of an experience. A good one for that matter. In 2010, I was posted to serve at a consulting firm in Ikeja, Lagos State. I worked under a 40-year-old woman who was mostly sad and angry. It was hard to deal with her. There was nothing I did that made madam happy.


She made me work overtime without pay and she was never eager to go home from work. My life was a living hell. One day, one of the security men told me she was unhappy in her marriage and her husband was giving her a tough time. The information helped me in understanding her plight. Tension was once heightened between us at some point.



She vowed she wasn’t going to sign my NYSC clearance form at the end of the month. I feared I was going to be in trouble as my LGI then was a terrible man. I did everything to make her happy but nothing changed.


On a Friday of that same rough week, we were working overtime together and the office was generally quiet. I was working on a report and I decided to seek permission from her before leaving as I was done with the work. When I got to her office, I noticed she wasn’t well dressed. Her shirts were unbuttoned and her breasts were exposed to a large extent.


As I sought permission to leave like I always did, she asked me to stay back. She said she was feeling unwell. I saw a bottle of ‘Night Train’ wine on her table. She was so drunk. She staggered and dropped to the floor as I helped her to stand on her feet. She held me so tight and started calling me a bad boy. She said I looked like one of her exes who was really cruel to her.


According to her, the ex was just good for sex alone. She said she was full of admiration for me but the memories of her ex-lover made her hate me. I was dumbfounded, it was all a dream and I prayed to wake up from it. She kept talking gibberish as she laughed uncontrolled. She grabbed my balls and kept massaging them. I tried to push her off but the temptation was too strong. She was a very beautiful, classy and brilliant woman. Her fashion sense was impressive and her perfumes were lovely.


Everybody had eyes on her but they never expressed their feelings due to her marital status and high class. While her breasts were of average size, her backside was really big and caught the attention of us all. She loved tight office skirts which regularly polluted our minds as she passed by wearing her high heels.



She pulled down her shirt and bra. Her body remains the freshest and the best I have seen all my life. She placed my hand on her boobs. They were firm. It was as if they were never touched. She never conceived though. I was won over and turned on. I kissed her. The moment I touched her bum, I felt I had arrived in life. It was the dream of every man in the office. Even women admired her backside. It was so soft and round. I sucked her boobs and she moaned aloud. The doors were soundproof, so we were safe. She soon bent over and I rammed into her from behind. It was pleasurable and intensive. I hardly cum on time. I rocked her still her legs started failing her. When I came, she fell to the ground like she was about to die. We laid beside each other and she covered her face in shame. She slowly wore her clothes and said nothing to me.


She felt disappointed in herself. The next day, I never saw her again. I was told she had gone on leave. During the leave, she tendered her resignation letter. She called me and warned me against sharing what happened with anyone.


Till date, I have never heard of her. I go to her Instagram page to check her pictures. I am married now but I still wish I could sleep with her again one more time.


She was the best in everything. The sweetest woman I have ever slept with.



Dear Dora, I hope you will remember me after reading this and reach out to me for one more round. You are the sweetest woman in the world. Thanks for that experience, I will never forget till the day that I die. Muah!

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